I own a lot of guitars and also the first Ibanez JEM's 777 and an Universe. I have to admit admit that both are greatly build and uniquely sounding instruments. Ibanez capture Steve's ideas like 24 frets, tremolo that can go up... but there are no real innovations, no new things... the scalloped fretboard has been done before, the 7-string has been done before... and ofcourse the Monkey Grip.

A lot of guitars is photographed by my dear friend Arnold Bartman (www.fotoarnoldbartman.nl). I wanted no ordanary photographs of a guitar, but it had to reflect my love for guitars. Especially the Ibanez JEM guitars.

  Ibanez JEM 777 VWH (Vine with White)
    Ibanez JEM 77 BRBM (Bad Horsie)
     Ibanez JEM 77 Transparent
     Ibanez JEM 777 DY (Dessert Yellow)
     Ibanez JEM 777 VBK (Vine with Black)
     Ibanez JEM 777 SP (Shocking Pink)
     Ibanez JEM 777 SP (Floral Pattern)
     Ibanez JEM 7 Twin